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Limit is unsteady…


  1. Mathematical Modeling and Simulation (Permodelan Matematika dan Simulasi)
  2. Building and Environment (Bangunan dan Lingkungan)
  3. Environment Control Engineering (Teknik Kontrol Lingkungan)
  4. Engineering Hydrology (Hidrologi Teknik)
  5. Soil, Water and Plant Relation (Hubungan Tanah, Air dan Tanaman)
  6. Surveying (Ilmu Ukur Wilayah)
  7. Soil and groundwater pollution (Polusi tanah dan air tanah)
  8. Environmental Biophysics (Biofisika Lingkungan)
  9. Global Environment Technology (Teknologi Lingkungan Global)
  10. Calculus II (Kalkulus II)
  11. Advanced Irrigation Engineering (Teknik Irigasi Lanjut)

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